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This Statement of Copyright applies to the Duskrder Design Web site and governs the use of all materials on Duskrder Design, related pages, and any documents (including pages and images) created by Duskrder Design. Please read this Copyright Statement, as it explains the allowed usage and disallowed usage of copyrighted material.

All material on Duskrder Design is copyright 2013 Duskrder Design. This includes, but is not limited to, all pages, documents, images, text, and code unless otherwise noted in this document or specifically outlined in other official Duskrder Design documentation. Any advertisements not created by Duskrder Design but displayed on this site are copyright their respective companies. Unless otherwise noted, all documents or images created by the users of Duskrder Design while using the Duskrder Design website become the property of Duskrder Design, and, as such, fall under this Copyright Policy. This excludes any materials created by Duskrider Design while under contract with a client, in which case the contract will stipulate copyright rules.

Unless otherwise noted or protected by Fair Use Copyright Law, none of the copyrighted materials on this website may be used in any way without the express written consent of the author. The following are exceptions to this rule, and may be reproduced for personal and not-for-profit use only:

  • Limited use text (no more than 100 words) may be used for site promotion so long as there is a return link to Duskrder Design

All other uses of materials on Duskrder Design is strictly prohibited unless permission has been given by Duskrder Design or a representative thereof.

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