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Unfortunately I can't showcase every site, logo, or project I've ever done here. In fact, I would say that what you see on these pages is a small fraction of the overall work I've done since being a developer. My goal isn't to only show you the best and brightest of my work, but to give you a sampling of the different types of project's I've undertaken. Everything from a simple realtor site to a full blown e-commerce site are shown here. You can also see some of my out-of-the box custom development and design.

NMSU Maestro

Maestro is an Enterprise level software package written for NMSU to facilitate the review and approval of applications to the Office of Research Compliance. Prior to the implementation of Maestro, paper forms were required for researchers to fill out and request approval. Now, all human subjects research performed at NMSU is done via the Maestro web application. Containing the entire process, Maestro includes a custom html form editor allowing the admins to create, update, and modify approval forms. It also includes storage for all required certifications for researchers and faculty, as well as tools allowing those certificates to be properly attached to forms. Researchers can collaborate with their teams to form an application, and the program will guide them through the process up to and including NMSU board review. Reviewers can comment on a per question basis and either approve or return the application for amendment, where the process begins again with a new revision.

Maestro currently has over 2000 users and hosts around 1000 applications a year. This application was written entirely by Duskrider Design's Ed Zenisek.

Organ Mountain Software

Organ Mountain Software was a small development company that sold a program targeted to college deans. I helped them determine just what they needed from their new e-commerce site and wrote a shopping cart solution to allow them to sell and license their software all at the click of a mouse.

http://psl.nmsu.edu - Physical Science Lab

This is a site used by NMSU to showcase the Physical Science Laboratory.  It has lots of custom built features that allow it to stay in-line with all the other NMSU pages and was designed to look exactly like the NMSU home page (at the time).  It is built on a Content Management System so it's easy to maintain.  Since doing this, dozens of other NMSU sites have begun to use the template I designed.

This site was one I did for a couple in Deming who wanted to get more exposure for their home, which was for sale.  This site has a beautiful slideshow system which I custom designed to make it easy to add and remove slides and descriptions.  The house sold shortly after the site went live.

http://egdsecrets.com - EGDSecrets.com
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A simple exterior belies the extensive backend coding that make this site possible. A sales database and pdf download serving system with unique transaction id tracking and ad campagins make this site more complicated than it seems. We've also incorporated a nightly database backup procedure and daily report mailings for sales and download activity.

http://forestoflove.com - Forest of Love
The Forest of Love

Custom design from the ground up. Users create an account and can carve a virtual tree with their intitials and those of a loved one. Uses an innovative graphic blending code which allows for custom 'trees' and reduces server storage and bandwidth costs.

Graphics and Logos


Below is a sampling of my graphics and logo design work. It is by no means complete, but should give you an idea of my style and ability. All logos you see are completely custom and most are done with a combination of Photoshop and other graphical or modeling programs. Please note that they have been resized and downscaled from the originals to fit on one page and to reduce loading times.



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